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The Desert Fathers repeatedly caution Christians regarding the need to guard the senses: not only to be aware of the things that we see, hear, discuss, and think about, but to actually place limits on the doors of our senses, carefully filtering that which enters, since every impression on the mind produces a life-long seed for future ideation and the stimulation of passions. Even the ancient pagans understood something of this.

[quote]”Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips.” (Psalm 141[140]:3)[/quote]

In the modern age, current technologies – almost all of them used for entertainment – allow a never-ending stream of noise, images, and chat to flood our senses. This is almost inevitable in any urban setting, unless a very determined effort is made to guard against it.

One of these technologies, the Internet, provides many opportunities to explore and experience new things. Like any tool, it can be used for good and eviL. This is especially true for our youth and children.

Here are some tools to help us in the struggle to ensure we are not polluting our senses through the Internet.


1. Login to routers admin page via your internet browser 

2. Locate Domain Name Server (DNS) settings 

3. Select manuel DNS servers 

4. Type in the following numbers: 


If you have the option to enter an alternative address, add the second address:


5. Click ‘Apply’ to save settings. 


For a more comprehensive approach the following options include but are not limited to:


Family zone (best option)

Telstra parental control (must be with Telstra home internet)

Norton Family premier


Laptop Writing
Working on a Computer
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